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Order Supplies


Order Supplies

Your Local One-Stop-Shop

California Business Machines is proud to be your local one-stop-shop for ALL of your consumable imaging supply needs. We offer Kyocera as well as a wide array of toners and imaging supply items for every other brand, type and style of device your office relies upon; whether we sold it to you or not.

CBM Approved

We also endorse a variety of “CBM Approved” alternative products that have earned our approval by first meeting or exceeding the quality of the OEM merchandise, while also offering a significant cost saving.  When purchased through California Business Machines, our “CBM Approved” products carry the same warranty as OEM merchandise.

Supply Levels Monitoring

For your convenience, we offer supply-level monitoring for any and all of the print production devices on your network.  We also retain a resident “supplies expert” who is always available to assist you in ordering and securing best prices on printing supplies.

Beware of Calls Soliciting Toner Sales!

Scammers known as “Toner Pirates” are calling offices in an effort to sell large quantities of toner, at a substantial markup, with a high pressure sales pitch. These scammers are becoming increasingly bold, sometimes even presenting themselves as California Business Machines, and using information like your model number or serial number to gain credibility. Please be aware that, as a general practice, California Business Machines does not call customers to solicit bulk quantity toner sales.

That said, you may receive a call from a representative of our CBM Supplies Division. These calls are made as a courtesy to our customers, to inform of our ability to support the consumable supply needs of ALL the imaging devices in your office, rather than simply the ones we sold you. We may also offer advice on securing best prices and best practices. These calls are never use high-pressure sales tactics; they are always courteous and respectful.

What to do if think you’ve been contacted by a “scammer”

  • Always get information about any salesperson calling with whom you are not familiar.
  • Get their phone number. Most deceptive telemarketers will not give out their phone number.
  • If the caller is unfamiliar but claims to be from CBM, and you suspect foul play, simply hang up, and call us back at any of the listed CBM phone numbers. We will be happy to confirm whether the call came from us or not.
  • Compare prices with your normal dealer before you buy. Most toner pirates dramatically mark-up these products!

If you wish to submit a report of your experience, you may write to your local Better Business Bureau, or to:

The Federal Trade Commission Division of Marketing Practices
6 Street and Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington D.C. 20580

Follow this link to the Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant to log a formal complaint. www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov