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Submit a Meter Reading

Submit a Meter Reading

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A Word about Your CBM Equipment ID Number: If you are already a CBM customer, your equipment will be tagged with a CBM Equipment ID number. Typically found on a sticker somewhere near the main power switch, this ID number will usually begin with an “A” or a “B” followed by a series of three numbers. Example AB123.

If said equipment has not yet been tagged with a CBM ID number and/or you are not yet a current CBM customer, we apologize that we are unable to receive your meter reading online. We ask that you please contact CBM by phone so that we will be better able to assist you.

Total Count

(Refers to the total number of printed, copied and faxed documents, but does not include number of scans.)*

Black & White Count

(If you are reporting for a color devise, please provide the total *black and white* count as well. This number, along with the *total count* allows our system to auto-populate your total color usage.)

A word about meter readings: Depending on the model of your device, you may be asked to provide simply the Total Copy Count (which includes all faxed, copied and/or printed pages) or, in the case of a color device, you will be asked to provide both the black and white count as well as the total count. Your color total will be automatically generated based on these numbers.

Automatic Meter Capture

If your device is networked, it may likely be eligible for automatic meter capture. This would allow for the automatic delivery of your current meter reading from your devise to our system at regular intervals. Automatic meter capture is both 100% secure, 100% accurate and 100% hassle free.

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